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Project in short

Connections is an interactive installation inspired from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and design for human needs. We chose to focus on how humans make friendships and love connections. The project was made for the Cube design museum in Kerkrade, The Netherlands in 2015.


Project description

The museum asked for an interactive installation about the human needs. We decided to focus on how humans make friendships and love connections. Connections lets two strangers make a test. The questions are based on scientific proven attraction point with humans. The test gives the players a matching percentage. After the test the two strangers play a game that’s based on trust. The installation calculates if the matching percentage has an influence on the outcome of the game. In other words even though the two players don’t know each other, can they trust one another based on a percentage?


The outcome was negative. Players with a lower matching percentage trusted each other less than players with a higher percentage.




Danielle Mestrum / Concept / Coding (Game, Calculation) / Building

Quincy Housen / Concept / Graphic design / Building

Ingeborg Govaart / Concept / Coding (Questions) / Graphic design / Building / After movie



Processing / Arduino / Adobe Illustrator