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Project in short

Puddle project is an interactive installation about shy blatter syndrom or paruresis. It was made for the Communication and Multimedia Design Talent Program in 2016.


Project description

With a team of two, we made a game that made players feel how it’s like to have paruresis. We focused on different problem areas like sound, smell and privacy. The game is controlled by RFID tags on items and to complete tasks, players have to communicate to scan the correct item. The goal is to go to the bathroom like any other person would go but a voice (the paruresis) tries to distract the players from finishing the game.

Before making a concept and the actual interactive installation, we did research about paruresis. We made a focus group with people that suffer different levels of paruresis. Later on we tested the installation with them. The reactions of all the tested persons were positive. All participants indicated that the interactive installation gave them exactly the same feeling that they would have if they had to go to the bathroom themselves.



Danielle Mestrum / Concept / Coding (Game) / Building

Ingeborg Govaart / Concept / Coding (RFID) / Graphic design / Building / After movie



Processing / Arduino / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop