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Project in short

Best Kept Secret is my bachelor thesis project about the influence of the meat- and dairy industry on the environment. The interactive installation was made in 2016.


Project description

For my bachelor thesis project I made an interactive installation about the influence of the meat and dairy industry on the environment. The target group for the installation is students and is designed to be easily installed at a food truck festival. The project started with 4 months of research about our current food system and the environmental impact of this system. During this time I did a lot of desk research but also interviewed  environmental experts, dietitians and students. The final product is an interactive installation that teaches students about the influence of the meat and dairy industry on the environment, motivates them to eat less meat, but also how they can replace the meat in a healthy way.


The game is inspired by the old arcade machines. There is one functional button that controls the whole game. The goal is to reach to level 5 and collect as many points as possible. A player can score points by collecting items or products that are good for the environment. Through animations between the levels the player gets taught which objects and products are good and which are not good for the environment. The character in the game runs automatically. The player has the ability to make the character jump by pressing the button. The difficulty level increases at each level.



Ingeborg Govaart / Concept / Coding / Graphic design / Building / Usertest



Processing / Arduino / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop