Me in one sentence

I am an interaction designer who tells stories and inspires discussions by using different types of technology, developing online games as well as physical installations.


Me in 1 minute, ish..


I don’t just want to make nice things & get enough sleep!

(although I wouldn’t mind)


For as long as I can remember I have been making art projects, doing photography or building my own secret hide away. But what I always loved the most was telling stories and making up a brand new world with my friends. Starting my bachelors with the goal of becoming National Geographic’s new and brightest nature photographer I soon found a curious interest in filmmaking. Though a picture is worth a thousand words, with film I could make my story even bigger. But what happens when the project is finished, the movie is done and everybody went home? That was that, nothing more and onto the next project. I felt that the world or the story that I had created would come to a halt. After my first internship working at a video production company my passion developed. Only making up stories felt like a waste of time when my world couldn’t evolve into the future. That’s when I came across my holy grail.


I decided in my final year that I would graduate in interaction design. Combining storytelling and the experience through images or touch with the functionality of programming. Looking for the interaction between humans and machine while making the reactions of the audience clearly visible. It’s a kind of design that is always evolving.


That’s my story. And like the real world it is still going. These days my focus is on establishing a start-up business, Roaring Stories. At Roaring Stories we lead with curiosity to communicate through playful learning, gamification or interactive storytelling. Our work combines technology, digital art and storytelling to facilitate companies, schools, musea and creatives.


Still curious? Take a look at my CV: CurriculumVitae_IngeborgGovaart


If you have any cool projects, opportunities or you would like to know more about my project, get in touch with me!




Refest Los Angeles 2019 / CultureHub Los Angeles / NAVEL, Los Angelos

Stråtfëst The Night / Kunstennacht / The School, Hasselt

Graduation Show / Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design / Maastricht

SOUPER V / Maison Florida / Hasselt